Car & Dog Wash

Be It Car Or Pooch, We've Got You Covered.

Come IN Dirty - Leave Squeaky Clean

Our facility is equipped with the proper loaders to take the most delicate projects to the heaviest of loads.

Automatic Car Wash

Varies per Package
  • Extreme $12.00
  • Ultimate $8.00
  • Deluxe $7.00
  • Basic $6.00
  • Dryer Included

Self Service Car Wash

$2.00 for 4 Minutes
  • $0.25 per 30 Secs After
  • Clean What You Need
  • Delicate Control
  • Custom Cleaning
  • No Dryer Included

Self Service Vacuums

$1.00 per Use
  • 5 Minute Timer
  • Eliminate Snack Crumbs
  • Renew Your Carpet
  • Clean Your Seats
  • Capture Small Messes

Auto and Self Service Wash

Dog Wash Station

Wash Your Woes Away At


Automatic & Self Service Car Wash

SunnySide Car Wash is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For your convenience, SunnySide is only 13 minutes south west of Sioux Falls, South Dakota.


Dog Washing Stations

Have a dog who went mud bogging? Is their innocent look trying to disguise evidence of the hole in your backyard? Do you have a pet whose odor stays on you after they left your lap? Come to Lennox SunnySide to get them all cleaned up. Our facility is clean, easy to use and more convenient for you than bending over in a bathtub.

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